Surround yourself in another language.

L2 Speak® is a mobile game designed to help you learn a new language through immersion.

Learn to Survive.

Moving to a new city isn’t cheap. We need money for food, shelter, transportation, bills, and more.

Things are no different in this new city you live in. You’ll have to work small-time gigs when you first move in, but as your skills develop you’ll be able to find a steady source of income.

Spanish and French

More on the way!

Free to Play

Everyone deserves to learn.

Learning Tracker

Keep count of how much you know.

Be Immersed.

Get Around Town.

Explore Your Surroundings.



Keep Track of the Important Stuff.

Work and Grow.

Make Friends!

Help us get L2 Speak® in your hands.

Follow us on Kickstarter, grab some rewards when we launch, and we’ll do the rest.

Every cent we raise goes towards adding more languages and getting the game out sooner.